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The simplest approach to divide the costs with your loved ones is using splitwise. The worry of wondering “how much do I owe you” is eliminated by the Splitwise app. Millions of consumers now use Splitwise to manage significant payments for homes, travel, dining, and other expenses. Avoid any embarrassing situations when spending money comes before essential connections by splitting any bill among the group.



Increased Monthly Traffic


Increased Conversion Rate


Increased New Visitors


Client Expectations

The customer came to us after the application had already been developed and before any marketing methods had been used to increase the application’s visibility. We were committed to learning about the needs and developing the best plans to satisfy those needs. The following were some of the key client demands:

  • App Awareness
  • Increased App Downloads
  • In-App Store Rankings
  • User Engagement on the App


Solutions We Provided

As soon as we learned about the client’s needs, we concentrated on doing a market study that included the services offered other applications in the same industry. Our team of skilled market analysts and strategists was committed to providing our customer with successful outcomes. Among the services we provided were the following:

Widespread Use of the App

Increased Downloads and Installation Rates

Improved Position in App Marketplaces

Improved App User Retention

Guest Blog on Reputable Websites

Application of Retention Techniques


Challenges We Meet

Due to intense competition in the market and the app store at the beginning of the project, we experienced some difficulties in achieving the desired outcomes, but our team eventually overcame each hurdle. Among the most difficult issues we encountered were:

Making the application user-visible.

Solution: We posted about the app and the services it offers on all social media platforms to open this channel, improving the app’s visibility.

Generating links to Download Apps.

Solution: To overcome this challenge, we used advertising with backlinks on all conceivable social media platforms, which increased clickthrough rates and user interaction.

Making the application user-visible

Solution: We deployed advertising with backlinks on all conceivable social media platforms, which increased clickthrough rates and user interaction.

App store optimization

Solution: No, the app has already been pre-launched. In order to combat the pre-launch missed out approach, we overcame this difficulty by employing effective marketing methods at a quicker rate.


Our Approach

We were committed to providing outcomes that would stun our clients. To make our marketing tactics a success, we sped up the working process. The customer was taken aback by the unexpected outcomes, and everything was completed in accordance with the pre-agreed timetable. We developed result-driven tactics to get precise results. Our plan was centred on:



Boosted App Installs & Downloads

By utilising cutting-edge techniques and creative methods, we assisted Splitwise in significantly increasing app downloads and installs.

Downloading App Store
Downloading Play Store

Enhanced App Ratings and Reviews

We welcomed input and requested reviews from the Splitwise app’s most active users.

Appstore Reviews and Ratings
Play Store Reviews and Ratings

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Customers are impressed by the potent results of our first-rate internet marketing services.

Maya Nujaim
Maya Nujaim
Very satisfied with the final product. The team was super efficient and flexible. Their professionalism and patience are remarquable.
Jivko p
Jivko p
Fast comunication from start to finish! Great them! We will work again!
Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain
Very professional and cooperative people, always helped me out to get my wrbsite done as I wanted, look forward a long and healthy business relationship in future too.
jyoti pal
jyoti pal
I've been working along with them for a while now and feeling very comfortable. Nice people and Open work environment.
The Kind Pen
The Kind Pen
Great to work with from start to finish. Will be working with the again on future projects.
Arshil Khan
Arshil Khan
Good to work with X-Strategy Services Team. Gained lots of knowledge along with the work.
Selvi Rajaian
Selvi Rajaian
Good communication and fast reply excellent service. I recommend everyone. Thanks for your excellent service
Simon kerr
Simon kerr
Very happy with the service and final product. X-strategy we’re very patient with me and accommodated all my requests. Looking forward to continuing the relationship.
Ashutosh Bansal
Ashutosh Bansal
Excellent work culture.
Arshad Khan
Arshad Khan
Honest and punctual team

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