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Xfinity is a division of Comcast Cable Corporation, LLC, with its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia. Prior to 2010, services including cable television, internet telephone, and wireless services were offered under the parent company’s name. CEO Dave Watson then established the brand. Xfinity made $84.5 billion in revenue in 2018 and serves over 26.5 million people with high-speed internet. Choose Xfinity’s X1 to stream a variety of channels and keep yourself entertained with never-ending shows.



Increased Monthly Traffic


Increased Conversion Rate


Increased New Visitors


Client Expectations

They called us since they are a telecoms brand and wanted to increase traffic to their website and brand recognition in several additional US states.

  • Improvements to the Website and Organic Traffic
  • Excellent Market Value
  • Increased User Retention and Engagement
  • Enhanced Lead Generation


Solutions We Provided

Our brand marketers and specialists, who are ranked as a top marketing firm, assisted the people at Xfinity by providing them with top-notch marketing services. We specifically targeted the advertisements and activities created to increase retention.

SEO Strategy

Social media Marketing

Social media Optimization

Website SEO Copywriting

Product and Portfolio Management


Challenges We Meet

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. The point is that we did have a few problems, which initially made things quite difficult. But because of our marketers, we overcame those difficulties and gave them a model for their brand to emulate in the long term.

Managing Social media Questions

Solution: To optimise the brand’s accounts on social media, we engaged multiple social media managers.

Making a Brand Appealing.

Solution: Our content marketers overcomplicated some facts and used casual language.

The website was running slower than normal.

Solution: Resource-consuming plug-ins and add-ons were disabled and caching was activated.


Our Approach

Expectations are always high with us since we strive to provide our clients with the greatest outcomes, which is precisely what we did for our customer, Xfinity. We assisted them in designing a unique experience for their target market. In addition, we provided them with excellent web advertising services.



Why We Are Your Top Partner for Digital Marketing

Customers are impressed by the potent results of our first-rate internet marketing services.

Maya Nujaim
Maya Nujaim
Very satisfied with the final product. The team was super efficient and flexible. Their professionalism and patience are remarquable.
Jivko p
Jivko p
Fast comunication from start to finish! Great them! We will work again!
Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain
Very professional and cooperative people, always helped me out to get my wrbsite done as I wanted, look forward a long and healthy business relationship in future too.
jyoti pal
jyoti pal
I've been working along with them for a while now and feeling very comfortable. Nice people and Open work environment.
The Kind Pen
The Kind Pen
Great to work with from start to finish. Will be working with the again on future projects.
Arshil Khan
Arshil Khan
Good to work with X-Strategy Services Team. Gained lots of knowledge along with the work.
Selvi Rajaian
Selvi Rajaian
Good communication and fast reply excellent service. I recommend everyone. Thanks for your excellent service
Simon kerr
Simon kerr
Very happy with the service and final product. X-strategy we’re very patient with me and accommodated all my requests. Looking forward to continuing the relationship.
Ashutosh Bansal
Ashutosh Bansal
Excellent work culture.
Arshad Khan
Arshad Khan
Honest and punctual team

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